CASES made easy

Pass this lesson and learn HOW to stop memorizing endings blindly and begin to UNDERSTAND the usage of cases.

At the price of 1 coffee cup.

Your VOCABULARY boost is guaranteed.

This price is valid until Novermber, 27

What will i get?

In this lesson we will read and analize a real Russian text - a short story.
You will see the Russian text and phrase by phrase translation into English.
At any moment you can pause my comments, go back or watch the lesson as many times as you need.

whom is it for?

  • For those who learn Russian
  • For those who already can read and know the basics of the Russian language
  • For those who make the first steps forward in understanding Russian grammar
  • For those who know the topic, but want to repeat Russian cases
  • For those who don’t feel confident about Russian grammar
  • For those who get confused about cases and choose wrong endings
  • For everyone who want to get reading and listening practice


After the lesson you will:

  • take a closer look at Russian cases
  • learn HOW you can stop memorise blindly and begin to UNDERSTAND
  • get practice for a giveaway price 
  • see the approach to mastering cases from an experienced teacher 
  • stop reading yet another huge theoretical article or numerous examples of single sentences, but see how ENDINGS work in a REAL TEXT
  • practice reading and listening skills
  • enrich your vocabulary - for sure!

For the price of a coffee cup $3.90


I am very excited about

I am very excited about these courses and Zhanna’s way of teaching. She makes everything so simple and so understandable. Things I was trying for a long time to understand I managed to clear them up in my mind with her intensive course for Russian cases. Thank you so much, Zhanna! You are incredible.


The intensive course for Russian

The intensive course for Russian Cases was ‘SUPER’!!! I am very glad I had the chance to have this course with Zhanna because she is perfect as a teacher! It’s like being in a classroom! She explains everything with videos and she gives all necessary material, exercises and final feedback explaining each of our mistakes personally! ! I am really excited Zhanna! Thank you very much! You are a real professional👍👍👍😘


Feedback for cases intensive course

This course is really well organized and well structured. Russian cases aren’t easy for me, but now after this course, my mind is clear. The exercises at the end of each lesson are very useful to fix the rules and to remember all the endings. I loved this course and I will sign up to another of your courses, because this has been really useful for me. Thank you Жанна for the time and the passion that you dedicate to us, you are an amazing teacher!!

Francesca Longo

Dear Жанна, thank you for

Dear Жанна, thank you for this intensive review of Russian cases where the idea was to focus on singular and plural aspects of nouns in the different cases. I think it is a good course for the review of cases for A1 and A2 level students. There is definately scope for more of these type of micro courses on other Russian grammar topics. I would like to see an adjective and number course with regards to Russian cases. Thank you for the enthusiam, time and energy that you put into these courses.

South Africa

You are the best without any doubt.

I can thank you the rest of my life and it can not be enough for the efforts you do for us. I have been suffering from the cases for months and the best thing i did is buying your course. Thank you so much Жанна!

Nedjem Eddine Messaoudi

The intensive course on Russian

The intensive course on Russian cases is just what I was looking for. It’s a rather difficult subject, I started to learn them on my own but couldn’t find the right way to focus on them and it was rather discouraging.
Жанна’s video lessons and explanation are very clear and there were many exercises to practice after each lesson. I feel much more confident with cases now and will go on learning this beautiful language.
I strongly recommend studying with Жанна, she’s such an amazing and passionate teacher, she cares a lot about her students, always ready to give clear feedback and happy for their accomplishments.
Thank you Жанна, спасибо большое!


Thanks so much for presenting

Thanks so much for presenting the cases in a clear way with lots of examples! It was really helpful! Thank you xo


The cases course was great!

The cases course was great! The explanations and exercises are just what you need to understand the usage and endings for cases. I now have a much clearer understanding of the whole language.

United States