Russian Cases Intensive Course

How to use all cases correctly? In which situations which case should you use? After finishing this group course you will learn the most difficult topic of Russian grammar and will feel confident about it.

      • 6 cases – 2 weeks
      • 3 times a week – get a new lesson with a new case
      • lots of practical exercises
      • WhatsApp chat where you can ask a question and communicate with your fellow students
      • bonuses for all who finish in time

Russian Handwriting

  • This short course will help you to get a real practical skill.
  • After finishing all 5 lessons you will be able to write and read Russian cursive.

1000+ Russian Words

  • Learn 75% of conversational Russian language in just 1 month
  • Over 1000 words with examples, audio pronunciation and translation into English
  • This course is based on the legendary Leitner System that helps to remember things forever
  • There's no limitation on the access to the course after 30 days expire
  • Ready flashcards - you only have to print, glue and cut them

Romantic Russian Course

  • 100% conversational course
  • A lot of conversational practice daily
  • Good for Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate Levels
  • Practical course which will help you to start speaking Russian with your special other.
  • Starting from acquaintance and flirting till intimate situations in bed and marriage.

Moscow Doesn’t Believe in Tears

  • Listening skills, conversational skills, enriching vocabulary, idioms, Russian culture
  • For whom? Intermediate — Advanced students


Russian reading course

  • Russian alphabet, phonetic, reading rules, first dialogues, writing skills
  • For whom: absolutely beginners

TURBO Russian

  • 100% conversational course
  • A lot of conversational practice daily
  • Personal support from native Russian speaking teacher
  • An opportunity to win a present every month