“Moscow Doesn’t Believe in Tears”



  • For students, who are already familiar with the basics of Russian.
  • Level: pre-intermediate / intermediate / upper-intermediate/ advanced.
  • For those, who used to learn Russian and now want to refresh knowledge.
  • For those, who want to enrich their vocabulary with conversational phrases and constructions.
  • For those, who want to master their Russian pronunciation and sound more like a native.
  • For those, who want to check their strength and get from learning grammar to speaking.


  • The main purpose of ‘Learn Russian through Film “Moscow Doesn’t Believe in Tears” online video course is to develop a conversational Russian listening comprehension skill and to start understanding authentic dialogues properly.
  • The course will help you to upgrade listening skills. After completing the course, you will feel more confident while speaking Russian.
  • It will enrich your vocabulary with conversational words and phrases.
  • The course will provide a deeper understanding of the Russian culture.
  • It will bring you closer to the mystery of a Russian soul, as these old films are the very place where it is hidden.
  • You will learn dozens of classical aphorisms. Probably you didn’t know, but most frequently used aphorisms ‘root’ right in soviet films.


  • PDF files with authentic film script
  • Video extract
  • Complete English version of characters’ lines
  • Detailed study of complicated phrases and idioms
  • List of words/phrases suggested for further study
  • Lesson tasks


  • After you have paid for the course, you will get it in your sustained use.
  • Practice such skills as writing, reading and listening comprehension of a Russian speech.
  • This is an online course, so you can work on it at any time and place convenient for you. All it takes is your desire to improve Russian and the Internet access!
  • Get a few hundreds of phrases/idioms worth remembering, which we use in a daily speech.
  • A few hundreds of satisfied students from different corners of the world.


  • Watch and listen to a short extract in Russian for the first time, trying to understand what is said. Don’t get upset if you don’t comprehend something at once!
  • Next, we read it, translate it and study each complicated phrase from the current extract together.
  • As you watch video lessons, write down useful words and phrases.
  • Watch extract one more time. Try to comprehend what you hadn’t understood at first. Note how much you understand during the second time you watch it.
  • This way we work through each lesson, which lasts for 45-60 minutes.
  • Complete lesson tasks, given at the end of the lesson (master your pronunciation, understanding, writing).
  • Practice with words/phrases/idioms recommended for learning.
  • Watch the whole extract without the text one more time. The text is already familiar for you. Don’t translate in your head! Imagine that the speak your native language.


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