1st Step in reading RUSSIAN

Pass this lesson to read your first 50 Russian words and practice writing Cyrillic letters.

At the price of a candy bar.

The lesson is available for purchase until April 15

What will i get?

10- minute video lesson.
PDF -list of words with translation and transcription.
This lesson will be yours forever - the access period is not limited.
At any moment you can pause my comments, go back or watch the lesson as many times as you need.

whom is it for?

  • For absolute beginners
  • For those who tried learning by themselves, but got confused
  • For those who think that Russian is too difficult
  • For those who think that Cyrillic letters are terrifying
  • For everyone, who is interested in learning Russian


After the lesson you will:

  • get a closer look at the Russian alphabet
  • see, that Cyrillic letters are not so scary
  • practice writing skills
  • pronounce 50 Russian words - guaranteed, even if you are an absolute beginner and don't know anything about the Russian language!

For the price of a candy bar $1.90


Easy to understand

Thank you for making this easy to understand. Sometimes learning languages is very hard to start and becomes discouraging. I think I can stay motivated now. You are a great teacher. Thank you again !!

Richard Hillis

I am grateful I started the reading course.

Спасибо, Жанна. I paid for the vocabulary course this evening. I am grateful I started the reading course. You helped me with my pronunciation of the sounds so much. My daughter, Maggie, said that Russian is her favorite subject to study. ♥️

Zhanna is a wonderful teacher and her feedback is extremely helpful. She is kind, but expects her students to do their very best. I am grateful for the push to try harder. My six children, aged 8-18, are all doing the reading course with me and they are all very motivated and excited to finally have a real Russian teacher. I highly recommend the reading course, even if you’ve been at it for a while. I’ve learned a lot about my pronunciation of the sounds and how to improve them already and we are only just finishing lesson 2. Thank you, Zhanna!


I really liked the course “Russian reading course”


I had some difficulties about pronouncing some letters and stressing. Now it’s done
If you know Cyrillic alphabet or don’t know anything, try to read in Cyrillic alphabet but having difficulty reading properly, you must take this course.
The most useful part of the course was learning how to pronounce some letters hard or soft according to their position and to stress letters. I think I improved myself.