The Turbo Russian course is really effective


During the course Turbo Russian we discussed many different topics such as music, books, favorite food, advice to friends who want to study Russian, my own reasons why I decided to learn Russian language, first job, religion, time machine (I really liked this topic), hobby, my profession and my country, my city. I can talk a lot about my country and my city.

I spent about 1.5 hours per day learning Russian. Using this method, you can learn much.
It seems to me that I speak much better now than I did at the beginning of the course. AT least my favorite Russian teacher understands me well.

The course is really effective because the teacher pays attention not only to grammar but also to words, pronounciation and stresses.
Turbo Russian course is really good for everyone, who wants to study how to speak Russian well or who wants to improve their Russian skills.
During the first month my pronounciation has become better. As well, I’ve improved my storytelling skill.

I liked that teacher gives reviews not only written but also in oral way.
Thank you Zhanna one more time, I will continue the course with a great pleasure.