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1.       Everyday conversations in Russian

2.       People with the same goals

3.       Motivation

4.       New useful Russian vocabulary

Price 15$ per month.  At only 0.5$ per day, this is an easy investment for your Russian, right?

This price is only available for the month of October.

Who is this chat for?

For those who regularly want to practice their Russian. This also includes people who want to find conversational partners and new friends with the same interests: learning Russian, traveling, and Russian culture.

How proficient in Russian do I need to be in order to join your chat?

 The more you practice the faster your Russian will improve! Even people starting from A1 you can join. Don’t worry if you’re not fluent.

How can I join?

Pressing the “I am on it” link will give you multiple avenues  to connect with me. Write to me that you want to join the Russian_Up chat. After you submit payment I will connect you!

How I can pay?

Accepted forms are payment include: Western Union, Money Gram, WebMoney. I am trying my best to join payment method using credit cards. For any questions regarding payment please message via my Instagram @Russian_Up.

What if I don’t like it?

Even though I am sure you won’t feel that way, I want you to spend wisely. Therefore, if after the first three days you realize you don’t like it, I will return your money back. Hassle free.

If you have any other questions feel free to send me a message via my Instagram @Russian_Up

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