For students, who are already familiar with the basics of Russian.

Level: pre-intermediate / intermediate / upper-intermediate/ advanced.

For those, who used to learn Russian and now want to refresh knowledge.

For those, who want to enrich their vocabulary with conversational phrases and constructions.

For those, who want to master their Russian pronunciation and sound more like a native.

For those, who want to check their strength and get from learning grammar to speaking.


The main purpose of ‘Learn Russian through Film “Moscow Doesn’t Believe in Tears” online video course is to develop a conversational Russian listening comprehension skill and to start understanding authentic dialogues properly.

The course will help you to upgrade listening skills. After completing the course, you will feel more confident while speaking Russian.

It will enrich your vocabulary with conversational words and phrases.

More benefits…

The course will provide a deeper understanding of the Russian culture.

It will bring you closer to the mystery of a Russian soul, as these old films are the very place where it is hidden.

You will learn dozens of classical aphorisms. Probably you didn’t know, but most frequently used aphorisms ‘root’ right in soviet films.

About me

Privat lessons
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Who I am?

  • Native Russian speaker. I think in and speak Russian in a daily life.
  • I was born and brought up in southern Russian speaking part of Ukraine.
  • I adore traveling!
  • 4-year experience of teaching Russian as a foreign language.
  • More than 200 students from 19 countries, different nationalities, races, religious beliefs. I can reach everybody.
  • I believe everyone can learn Russian, despite a popular myth about its difficulty

What my students say

As a beginner in learning the Russian language the teaching method is very flexible and allows me to focus on the subjects that I find difficult to understand and learn. The interactive nature of learning also allows the teacher to determine the level of understanding of the student so that the correct level of teaching may be used. The homework is well set out and easy to understand. The interactive nature of learning via Skype also assists with understanding the Russian language better.

Johan Jacobs South Africa (RSA)

Вы самая лучшая и хорошая из всех преподователниц, c которыми я имел честь заниматься русским языком. Например падежы и их понимание для иностранных студентов, это не очень простой дел. Поскольку у меня в моем радном языке [фарси] , они вообще не существуют. Педагог должен быть очень умным и профессионалом, чтобы понимать и чувствовать разницу между разными иностранными учениками. Я думаю что дорогая наша прекрасная преподавательница, Жанна Алексеевна она и есть самая хорошая из всех педагогов, которых я видел и работал с ними до сих пор. Спасибо! Амир из Ирана

Amir Ali Iran

Я изучаю русский язык в университете, но в классе из 15 других студентов мне трудно найти возможность говорить больше, чем пара фразы на русском. У меня уроки с Жанной уже 4 месяца, и я получила индивидуальную поддержку, которая мне помогает улучшаться. У меня была возможности обсуждать различные теми такие как бизнес, семья и возраст. Благодаря урокам с Жанной, я обрела уверенность в себе, и я выучила многие новые слова и фразы, которых я не учила в университете.

Kassia Rodgers Great Britain


  • PDF files with authentic film script
  • Video extract
  • Complete English version of characters’ lines
  • Detailed study of complicated phrases and idioms
  • List of words/phrases suggested for further study
  • Lesson tasks