You will learn

  • How to flirt in Russian
  • How to ask out on a date and what to say on it
  • How to meet new people in social networks
  • How to agree or refuse politely on romantic topics
  • How to compliment somebody
  • How to make a beautiful love confession
  • Tender words and nicknames for the person you love
  • Tender things in serious relationships
  • Phrases about intimacy
  • How to stop relationships
  • How to make a proposal
  • And many-many more.


At least Elementary level of Russian. This course will be good for ElementaryUpper-Intermediate or even Advanced level students


Learn Russian Language for Dating, Flirting, Serious Relationships, Proposal and all Romantic stuff! This course will be good for both: men and women who need to know how to attract someone who speaks Russian. Or if you are already in a relationship with a Russian-speaking partner, learn how to make her/him happy with the help of Russian.

This course provides all Russian Language you need to know on different stages of relationships. Don’t wait until you have no time left before you meet your special one. Join now!


How long does the course take?

The course includes 27 lessons. Each lesson is not very big. You will need no more than 30 minutes to pass 1 lesson. I recommend to study 1 lesson per day. But you can learn faster. Anyway, the course is yours forever. So you can choose the comfort speed for yourself.

Is this course good for my level?

The course is good for all levels starting from Elementary till Upper-Intermediate.

How to make a payment?

You can pay using your card on the website. All payments are absolutely safe and the payment system protects all your personal data. The payment system accepts cards from more than 200 countries. If something goes wrong you can contact me directly, e-mail

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Money-back guarantee

If you don’t like the course, you can get your money back within 7 days after your payment. But I am sure that it wouldn’t happen. I made this course with great love to all my students and I am absolutely sure that you will like it.

About me

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Who I am?

  • The creator of the biggest Instagram channel about learning Russian as a foreign student.
  • Creator and owner of an online school for learning Russian - @Russian_up
  • Native Russian speaker. I think in and speak Russian in a daily life.
  • I was born and brought up in southern Russian speaking part of Ukraine.
  • I adore traveling!
  • 4-year experience of teaching Russian as a foreign language.
  • More than 300 students from 32 countries, different nationalities, races, religious beliefs. I can reach everybody.
  • I believe everyone can learn Russian, despite a popular myth about its difficulty

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