1000+ Russian Words

It is for you if:

  • If you want to know 75% of Russian conversational vocabulary in just one month and ready to devote 15-20 minutes per day.
  • If you think that you have a bad memory. The method I offer is not about learning by heart.
  • If you confuse words in the moment, when you need to use words on spot, and sometimes get in awkward situations.
  • You have already tried a lot of methods, but nothing seems to work for you.
  • You don’t know where to start when it comes to learning new vocabulary. Where to find the most common and useful words.
  • You are afraid to start learning, because you are not sure if you pronounce  the words right, and you don’t have anyone to check you.

The course includes:

  • Ready flash cards in PDF (You need to print them, glue and they are ready to use)
  • More than 1000 of the most common and useful words in Russian (translated into English)
  • A memorable example to each word Russian (translated into English)
  • Audio with correct pronunciation of each word and examples in Russian as well as in English
  • Visualization to each words which is based om common associations and will help you to remember words easily

How to work with the course:

  • Print the first portion of words. One page is in Russian. The other page is in English.
  • Glue together 2 pages.
  • Cut it. Your flash cards for the first day are ready.
  • Watch the video with visualization, listen to the audio, and repeat after the audio.
  • Put all these words in the first box “New words”. Start working with this portion of words. The words which you can remember fast you can put into box #2 “Day 1”. The words which are still difficult for you stay in the box “New words”.
  • If you have enough time, it would be good to repeat these words during the day.
  • Next day (Tomorrow). Don’t start with new words. Start with the box “Day 1” -  repetition in this method is crucial element for your success! If you can easily remember the words from the box “Day 1” put the cards into the next box “Day 3”. All the words which you can’t remember must be returned to the box “New words”. Don’t get upset at this point! The method works not because you are good at learning by heart, but because breaking huge tasks in smaller chunks helps the brain to digest new inforamatio better. And once that starts happening, your understanding of things improves and then it will become easier to learn words and commit them into long term memory. If not today than tomorrow or the day after tomorrow you will remember these words lightening fast and they will stay in your active vocabulary forever.
  • You can add a new portion of words only after repetition.
  • You work the same way every day for 30 dyas.

To get acquainted and to learn more about the method watch ⬇️


How long can I use the course?

The course is yours forever.

How much time do I need every day?

15-20 minutes. I don’t recommend to miss days of study. If you don’t have time at all at least spend 5-7 minutes for repetition. Don’t add new words. It is important not to miss the moment when you almost forget the word. A lot of linguists, scientist and me were working to help you to learn Russian vocabulary easily.

What level is it for?

For all students who know Russian letters and can read Russian. If you are an absolute beginner, then start with the course Russian Reading Course and then you can return to this course.

About me

More than

Private lessons
Online Courses

Who I am?

  • The creator of the biggest Instagram channel about learning Russian as a foreign student.
  • Creator and owner of an online school for learning Russian - @Russian_up
  • Native Russian speaker. I think in and speak Russian in a daily life.
  • I was born and brought up in southern Russian speaking part of Ukraine.
  • I adore traveling!
  • 7-year experience of teaching Russian as a foreign language.
  • More than 2000 students from 70 countries, different nationalities, races, religious beliefs. I can reach everybody.
  • I believe everyone can learn Russian, despite a popular myth about its difficulty

What my students say

I took most of the

I took most of the courses and I have no complains. The only thing I regret is not taking the Intensive Course for Cases sooner. It’s a must! Don’t expect a magic pill, you have to be disciplined. I may still confuse certain endings, but after the course I improved my ability to identify easier which case to use, not by pure memory but by understanding better how each case work. What’s left is for me to keep practicing. I also improved my vocabulary. Absolutely grateful with Жанна 😁


Спасибо, Жанна!

I have no word to say for your amazing job . Moscow doesnt believe in tear course imporved my listening skills a lot . I would recommend every one who wants to improve his or her listening skills to buy this amazing course . Thank you so much ZHANNA 🙂


Thank you a lot!

As a beginner in learning the Russian language the teaching method is very flexible and allows me to focus on the subjects that I find difficult to understand and learn. The interactive nature of learning also allows the teacher to determine the level of understanding of the student so that the correct level of teaching may be used. The homework is well set out and easy to understand. The interactive nature of learning via Skype also assists with understanding the Russian language better.

Johan Jacobs
South Africa (RSA)

Zhanna needs to change her

Zhanna needs to change her rating system of 5 stars to a BILLION!! …and she would still get a trillion stars from me.

I have attempted for many years to tackle Russian as a second language and Zhanna’s hands-on approach is beyond STELLAR!

Her teaching curriculum and methodology is the best that I have ever encountered.

Her content is accessible and relevant. She is quick to respond to any inquiries or troubles you may encounter while taking any one of her courses.

In addition, Zhanna’s approach exudes patience and encouragement. Whatever level of Russian knowledge you may have, she will be there right with you through every phase of learning.

If anyone reading this is considering taking any of Zhanna’s courses, stop thinking about it and DO IT! You will not regret it.

Спасибо, Жанна!


I am very excited about

I am very excited about these courses and Zhanna’s way of teaching. She makes everything so simple and so understandable. Things I was trying for a long time to understand I managed to clear them up in my mind with her intensive course for Russian cases. Thank you so much, Zhanna! You are incredible.


This is it…another great course

This is it…another great course. I want to thank you for all you did to help me this past year. I have come a long way. You taught me to read and write, many words, and now you help me with grammar. You are a talented teacher and I owe you my gratitude. Thank your family too. I know to babysit adults is not an easy task alone, but with a small baby and husband it is also admirable. In 2 weeks I will return to Kharkiv knowing more than I did on my last trip. If you ever find yourself coming to the USA, let us know and you will be our guest with your family of course. My wife is Ukrainian and has several Ukrainian friends nearby and would love to have someone else to talk to. Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart.

Richard Hillis

Feedback for cases intensive course

This course is really well organized and well structured. Russian cases aren’t easy for me, but now after this course, my mind is clear. The exercises at the end of each lesson are very useful to fix the rules and to remember all the endings. I loved this course and I will sign up to another of your courses, because this has been really useful for me. Thank you Жанна for the time and the passion that you dedicate to us, you are an amazing teacher!!

Francesca Longo

Thanks so much for presenting

Thanks so much for presenting the cases in a clear way with lots of examples! It was really helpful! Thank you xo


The intensive course on Russian

The intensive course on Russian cases is just what I was looking for. It’s a rather difficult subject, I started to learn them on my own but couldn’t find the right way to focus on them and it was rather discouraging.
Жанна’s video lessons and explanation are very clear and there were many exercises to practice after each lesson. I feel much more confident with cases now and will go on learning this beautiful language.
I strongly recommend studying with Жанна, she’s such an amazing and passionate teacher, she cares a lot about her students, always ready to give clear feedback and happy for their accomplishments.
Thank you Жанна, спасибо большое!


I appreciated for you what

I appreciated for you what you did for me because l have learned many things during the intensive course of cases that l didn’t know before. I would like to thank you again again❤️🙏

Good luck


I really liked the course “Russian reading course”


I had some difficulties about pronouncing some letters and stressing. Now it’s done
If you know Cyrillic alphabet or don’t know anything, try to read in Cyrillic alphabet but having difficulty reading properly, you must take this course.
The most useful part of the course was learning how to pronounce some letters hard or soft according to their position and to stress letters. I think I improved myself.


Dear Жанна, thank you for

Dear Жанна, thank you for this intensive review of Russian cases where the idea was to focus on singular and plural aspects of nouns in the different cases. I think it is a good course for the review of cases for A1 and A2 level students. There is definately scope for more of these type of micro courses on other Russian grammar topics. I would like to see an adjective and number course with regards to Russian cases. Thank you for the enthusiam, time and energy that you put into these courses.

South Africa

The intensive course for Russian

The intensive course for Russian Cases was ‘SUPER’!!! I am very glad I had the chance to have this course with Zhanna because she is perfect as a teacher! It’s like being in a classroom! She explains everything with videos and she gives all necessary material, exercises and final feedback explaining each of our mistakes personally! ! I am really excited Zhanna! Thank you very much! You are a real professional👍👍👍😘


I would recommend this course

I would recommend Russian cases course for absolutely everyone, from very beginner to advance who needs to improve his/her grammar. It’s not an easy topic but Zhanna manage to do it seems very simple, and it was well organized with plenty of exercises to practice. We had used more than 500 words (yes, I counted them, and they’re just root words) in about one week, so your vocabulary will also improve. After finishing it I feel much more confident with my skills. Thanks!


If you are struggling with

If you are struggling with cases or you have already studied them but you cannot actively use them while speaking then this is the course to do. The lessons explain everything in detail and even if you don’t understand something Zhanna will explain again in the chat.
I totally recommend it.


the intensive cases course should be mandatory

In my honest opinion the intensive cases course should be mandatory for anyone studying Russian. I have been to school, had private lessons and never ever have I seen a course, that was able to make cases so easy. Tips, tricks, exercises and if you want a chat group to help you when things get rough.

Give up on spending useless hours on the internet looking for explanations. Stop looking at those horrible charts that make no sense at all.

Do yourself a huge favour and take this chance.

Thomas V.

This is the best course

This is the best course about cases that I’ve seen during my russian learning process. Lessons are well structured, explanations are clear and detailed. Zhanna is an amazing teacher and she always encourage people in the group chat that comes with the course and answers any question that you may have. All in all, this is a great course for people who wants to learn and master cases and for those who already know the grammar but have problems using them in speech.

Joan Montenegro

Я говорю намного лучше, чем перед курсом

Привет, Жанна! Я не мог тратить много времени на обучение, но, в любом случае, я очень рад, что принял участие и что смог столько изучить через курс «Turbo Russian». Сколько времени в день отнимали занятия – около 20-30 минут, иногда. Конечно, я считаю курс эффективным, потому что я мог использовать язык, не только читать и слушать. Конечно, я слушал и читал много перед тем, как начал курс, я уже много понимал, но было сложно что-то сказать. И сейчас думаю, что говорю намного лучше, чем перед курсом. Кому подойдет – думаю что всем, которые нравится русский язык и хотят начать говорить, не только изучать. Какие навыки улучшил за первый месяц? Чтобы говорить, грамматика тоже чуть-чуть, потому что я вообще не изучал грамматику, потому что она чуть-чуть похожа на польский. Что понравилось больше всего – все курсы очень хорошие, думаю, что буду продолжать, если будет время. Спасибо большое, что я мог принять участие в этом курсе.


I learned a lot of new things and not only grammar.

Добрый день Жанна!

Wanted to say that your course “Moscow doesn’t believe in tears” is very interesting and fun! I learned a lot of new things and not only grammar. This course is perfect for someone who knows already a little bit of Russian language. It helps to improve the vocabulary a lot. I would really recommend this course for everyone who wants to learn Russian and to know better the Russian culture 🙂
I did this course 2 times 😁
Actually I would recommend all your courses, I think I did almost all of them:)


Russian cases course

I’ve been learning Russian by myself during a year. It’s a hard language, but with your explanations and tips everything is easier. Your lessons were really useful and the exercises were very helpful to remind the endings of Russian cases. I really like the examples because you can find them in real life. I could not have learned this part of grammar without you.
Thank you for always encouraging us.
Так держать. Спасибо огромное за помощь и усилия .
Love from Spain. 💜

Esther Iglesias

I am grateful I started the reading course.

Спасибо, Жанна. I paid for the vocabulary course this evening. I am grateful I started the reading course. You helped me with my pronunciation of the sounds so much. My daughter, Maggie, said that Russian is her favorite subject to study. ♥️

Zhanna is a wonderful teacher and her feedback is extremely helpful. She is kind, but expects her students to do their very best. I am grateful for the push to try harder. My six children, aged 8-18, are all doing the reading course with me and they are all very motivated and excited to finally have a real Russian teacher. I highly recommend the reading course, even if you’ve been at it for a while. I’ve learned a lot about my pronunciation of the sounds and how to improve them already and we are only just finishing lesson 2. Thank you, Zhanna!


Easy to understand

Thank you for making this easy to understand. Sometimes learning languages is very hard to start and becomes discouraging. I think I can stay motivated now. You are a great teacher. Thank you again !!

Richard Hillis

This course was so eye-opening!

This course was so eye-opening! Words that I would read in a text and slightly recognize now I understand were just in different forms using the cases we learned. I am starting to understand and recognize different cases being used in text when I read in Russian! Im excited to practice more on my speaking skills and recalling vocabulary back to mind so I can use what I learn more in conversation. I would recommend this course to anyone because it truly has helped me gain more understanding and I can continue to look back at the notes I took and practice! I cannot wait to take another course from Zhanna! THANK YOU!

Спасибо! I appreciate al your efforts to help me! It’s been an amazing class!


The Turbo Russian course is really effective


During the course Turbo Russian we discussed many different topics such as music, books, favorite food, advice to friends who want to study Russian, my own reasons why I decided to learn Russian language, first job, religion, time machine (I really liked this topic), hobby, my profession and my country, my city. I can talk a lot about my country and my city.

I spent about 1.5 hours per day learning Russian. Using this method, you can learn much.
It seems to me that I speak much better now than I did at the beginning of the course. AT least my favorite Russian teacher understands me well.

The course is really effective because the teacher pays attention not only to grammar but also to words, pronounciation and stresses.
Turbo Russian course is really good for everyone, who wants to study how to speak Russian well or who wants to improve their Russian skills.
During the first month my pronounciation has become better. As well, I’ve improved my storytelling skill.

I liked that teacher gives reviews not only written but also in oral way.
Thank you Zhanna one more time, I will continue the course with a great pleasure.


Totally recommend it

I have gone through the conjugation lessons and I have found the explanations easy to comprehend. It’s helped me review and reinforce my knowledge of this subject. Totally recommend it.

Joan Montenegro

Благодаря Жанне и Turbo Russian я смогла осуществить свою мечту


Привет всем, меня зовут Линда, я итальянка, я изучаю русский язык уже 3 года. Сначала я купила много книг грамматики, но это было трудно и скучно. Потом я начала смотреть видео и слушать подкасты, после 8 месяцев я переписывалась сообщениями с русскими людьми, но я слышала, что это не было достаточно. Через 2 года я хорошо писала на русском языке, я слушала и понимала аудиофайлы и короткие видео, но я не могла говорить. Что делать? У меня не было времени, чтобы посещать курсы, и я снова искала ресурсы в интернете. Я нашла Жанну, которая посоветовала мне Turbo Russian. Turbo Russian – это курс для тех, кто хочет практиковать общение на русском языке. Каждый день я получаю тему, и я должна записать аудиофайл на тему дня, таким образом я могу тренировать разговорный русский по разным темам – хобби, любовь, семья, работа, чувства, религия, бизнес и так далее. Жанна исправляет не только ошибки грамматики, а даже произношение. Я начала курс в марте этого года, я приобрела уверенность в себе и в мае я решила полететь в Россию, чтобы встретиться с людьми, с которыми я переписывалась годами. Когда я была в России, конечно, я говорила по-русски, я была очень рада, потому что все меня понимали, и я почти все понимала. Благодаря Жанне и Turbo Russian я смогла осуществить свою мечту – поехать в Россию. Сейчас я вернулась в Италию, я продолжаю использовать Turbo Russian, потому что я считаю, что этот курс очень полезный, чтобы улучшать мое произношение и не потерять уверенность.


Personal voice messages – like a native Russian friend is willing to teach me it’s a nice feeling


Спасибо, Жанна!

Я изучаю русский язык в университете, но в классе из 15 других студентов мне трудно найти возможность говорить больше, чем пара фразы на русском. У меня уроки с Жанной уже 4 месяца, и я получила индивидуальную поддержку, которая мне помогает улучшаться. У меня была возможности обсуждать различные теми такие как бизнес, семья и возраст. Благодаря урокам с Жанной, я обрела уверенность в себе, и я выучила многие новые слова и фразы, которых я не учила в университете.

Kassia Rodgers
Great Britain

The cases course was great!

The cases course was great! The explanations and exercises are just what you need to understand the usage and endings for cases. I now have a much clearer understanding of the whole language.

United States

You are the best without any doubt.

I can thank you the rest of my life and it can not be enough for the efforts you do for us. I have been suffering from the cases for months and the best thing i did is buying your course. Thank you so much Жанна!

Nedjem Eddine Messaoudi

Спасибо! Амир из Ирана

Вы самая лучшая и хорошая из всех преподователниц, c которыми я имел честь заниматься русским языком. Например падежы и их понимание для иностранных студентов, это не очень простой дел. Поскольку у меня в моем радном языке [фарси] , они вообще не существуют. Педагог должен быть очень умным и профессионалом, чтобы понимать и чувствовать разницу между разными иностранными учениками. Я думаю что дорогая наша прекрасная преподавательница, Жанна Алексеевна она и есть самая хорошая из всех педагогов, которых я видел и работал с ними до сих пор.

Amir Ali

I live in Ukraine but

I live in Ukraine but I was born in Canada. I have been studying russian for 14 years, but I could never understand how the grammar is used. I took this course not expecting much. Wow, I was very surprised. She is a very good teacher, she explains how the cases work. Went through pronouns. I learnt more in 6 days, then in 14 years. Спасибо большое! Very good teacher!!